How to Tell Your Fortune with a Deck of Cards?

Do you crave to look at the insights of your future? Is it true that the fortune tellers can predict the upcoming event with a deck of cards? Recently, most people have a tendency to visit the psychic online and ask for a Fortune Tarot Reading. But, if you don’t want to receive the spiritual session on the Internet, or you prefer doing the reading for yourself, what should you do? Simply avail a Tarot deck and read the destiny on your own! However, you’re a beginner, how to tell your fortune? Find out everything in the sections below!

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Do the Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

How to Tell Your Fortune with a Deck of Cards?

Usually, the psychics tend to interpret the divine guide via the spiritual Tarot cards. But if you don’t have this deck at home, it’s ok. The seekers can totally use playing cards as a divination method. From the 13th century, this original deck was created and used as the 2nd oldest way of fortune telling.

Before entering the fortune reading session, the seekers must prepare 2 important things – a deck of 32 cards and your intuition. Now, let’s learn basic steps to know how to interpret the cards’ meaning.

Starting the reading – Lay all the cards on the table. Think about questions or a situation you do want to ask about. Bear in mind, just focus on one certain issue, not several things as you might get confused. Then, shuffle the cards, place the deck down, and divide it into 3 small piles. The next thing to do is – turning the first card of each pile up to have a general look at your past, present, and future (the exact order is from left to right).

To know further information, the seekers are allowed to turn more cards, i.e. three cards above and three cards below. You can use the Tarot spreads, like Celtic Cross Spread, to form a complex reading for your own. All the hidden meanings will show the readers a new direction that can help you change the future and achieve a happy life.

Understanding the Suits – There are 4 main suits in a pack of playing cards. Each of them has a deeper meaning:

  • Heart: a card denoting emotions, love, tenderness, and more feelings for all the sentimental aspects.
  • Club: this card is a negative sign. It represents separation, injury, loss, or bad luck; however, the clairvoyants don’t see it as a death symbol for an individual.
  • Diamond: here is a sign of prosperity and good finance. Also, it can be interpreted as luck, freedom, and blessing.
  • Spade: this one is seen as a negative sign, too. But, it does suggest solutions or positive directions to deal with problems.

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