How To Read Tarot Cards With Regular Playing Cards?

The truth thing is that you don’t need to have a Tarot card deck to read the Tarot. Just having a deck of regular playing cards is adequate. How to read Tarot cards with this deck? Before starting reading, you need to comprehend each card meaning carefully. Well, the playing cards have been around for a long time and used as a source of relaxation. Nonetheless, the traditional playing cards were different from the numbered ones we avail today, With mythical creatures and spiritual symbols, these magical cards have become the best tool for divination.

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Find out basic things of card and Tarot symbols

How To Read Tarot Cards With Regular Playing Cards?

It’s likely to read the fate of a person through using the playing cards. The four main symbols as Heart, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades are meaningful ones for a Tarot reader. Look at our guidance below to know the connection between playing cards and Tarot cards.

  • Hearts represent the Cups of Tarot cards, and it mainly concentrates on issues of happiness and love.
  • Diamonds represent the Pentacles of Tarot cards, and it often deals with matters about business or venture. Additionally, it mentions information about money and fortune
  • Clubs represent the Wands of Tarot cards, and it mainly offers information.
  • Spades represent the Swords of Tarot cards, and it signifies misfortune, death, and personal failure.
  • Joker represents the Fool from the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards.

Some readers love using the traditional playing cards to forecast the destiny of the Querents. This practice can protect the reader from negative energy and permit them to see what is ahead. After a long time, the practice of availing playing cards for the Tarot has been introduced again. And there are many people taking it as a good way to help them find their future.

Learn to read playing cards

We will show you one of the simplest and easiest spreads that you can read through using the playing card. It’s similar to the Tarot spread; that is, 3-card spread. Of course, the three cards will help you find out important information about your past, present, and future. Just hold the deck and shuffle it. Then divide it into three piles and pull one card from each pile. Next, turn it and find out the meaning of each card.

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